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Equipment Alliance of Global Energy Interconnection



The Equipment Alliance of Global Energy Interconnection (hereinafter referred to as EAGEI) is independently launched by the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (known as GEIDCO) and is composed of important equipment manufacturing enterprises who support the concept of Global Energy Interconnection (abbreviated as GEI) and have strong influence. No membership fee is required.


EAGEI aims to build resource sharing, complementary advantages and multiple open platform, converges famous equipment manufacturing enterprises around the world. Centering on the field of UHV, smart grid, clean energy, interconnection power grid operation control, EAGEI will analyze and predict the development status, future demand and research direction of their equipment technology, research the innovation action and promote the construction of GEI.


Making use of EAGEI’s platform, provide equipment technology support for the construction of GEI, promoting equipment technology innovation and achieve the construction of GEI. EAGEI holds member plenary every two years. Organize special activities during some major activities of the equipment technology field, GEIDCO or members of EAGEI. Jointly carry out technology study and project cooperation within the EAGEI, and organize technology exchange seminars, case studies and exhibitions irregularly according to the needs of members; Provide communication, recommendation, consultation and training services to members.

What members of EAGEI will get?
Exclusive service for the members of EAGEI:

1. Conference

  • Participate in the EAGEI Member Plenary, to deliver speech or talks, to exchange information and to promote cooperation.
  • Participate in the EAGEI thematic Meetings, to conduct special conference speeches and to promote publicity.

2. Technology Exchange

  • Participate in the discussion and research of key technologies, core equipment and market demands required for the establishment of GEI.
  • Participate in the relevant power equipment exhibition.

3. Publicity and Recommendation

  • Display in relevant activities organized by the GEI Alliances.
  • Obtain publicity and recommendation on specified material provide by the GEI Alliances.

4. Information

  • Obtain annual report, quarterly information,relevant research report or abstract of EAGEI.

According to the members’ contribution to EAGEI, obtain partial service of GEIDCO members:

1. Conference

  • Be invited to participate in conferences and activities organized by GEIDCO.
  • Co-organize meetings and events with GEIDCO.

2. Industry Cooperation

  • Participate in the projects leading organized by GEIDCO.

3. Publicity

  • Advertise and get publicity on GEIDCO’s media platform, such as GEIDCO website, WeChat, microblog, member journal of GEIDCO and technical journal.

4. Information

  • Obtain the abstract of research reports of GEIDCO.