Chairman of GEIDCO and Secretary-General of WEC Held Video Conferencing

On July 17, Liu Zhenya, Chairman of GEIDCO, and Angela Wilkinson, Secretary-General of World Energy Council (WEC) held a video conferencing, and exchanged views on topics such as how to deal with the pandemic’s impact on the energy sector, how to tackle the climate and environmental crisis, and promote clean and sustainable development, with many common understandings reached.

After a quick overview of GEIDCO, Liu Zhenya remarked that the COVID-19 epidemic has dealt a serious blow to the world economy and human society. The unfolding climate and environmental emergency will be the next big crisis, and there is no "vaccine" or "special medicine". The climate crisis stems from our long-term, excessive use of fossil energy. The key solution is accelerated "linear" transition from an energy structure based on fossil energy to one dominated by clean energy. Global Energy interconnection (GEI) provides a systematic solution that is technically feasible, economical, operable, replicable and scalable to solve the climate crisis and fulfill the goal of "Paris Agreement". GEI will boost the growth rate of clean energy by more than threefold. Global carbon emissions will peak in 2025 and reach net zero in 2050, meeting the 1.5°C temperature control target. GEIDCO stands ready to step up concrete cooperation with the WEC in joint research and resource sharing, and take collective actions to facilitate the world's energy transition and sustainable development.

Angela Wilkinson said that COVID pandemic has brought grave challenges and serious impacts to the global economy and energy sector. In particular, industries such as electric power and natural gas are facing problems of shrinking demand growth, shifting investment priorities, and limited cash flow. Corresponding analysis, research and action are urgently needed to better tackle the crisis, and promote the transition in energy production and consumption. Clean electricity from the renewables is an indispensable part of the future energy transition. Sharing the same goals and objectives with GEIDCO, the WEC hopes to establish a long-term and stable partnership with GEIDCO to jointly promote the energy transition and steer towards a path of clean development, so as to meet the global energy demand in a more sustainable and affordable way.

The World Energy Council (WEC) was founded in 1923 and headquartered in London, the UK. It enjoys an extensive international influence, with member committees in nearly 100 countries. The WEC conducts has long conducted researches on energy policies and strategies, and regularly holds large-scale conferences focusing on energy issues.