Chairman Liu Zhenya Holding Talks with H.E. Mohamed Elbadri, Ambassador of Egypt to China

On June 12, GEIDCO Chairman Liu Zhenya held talks with H.E. Mohamed Elbadri, Ambassador of Egypt to China, at GEIDCO headquarters in Beijing. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and reached many common understandings on promoting global energy interconnection (GEI), and clean and sustainable development in Egypt and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). During the visit, Ambassador Elbadri delivered a personal letter from Egyptian President H.E. Abdel Fattah El Sisi to Chairman Liu Zhenya.

Chairman Liu zhenya remarked that the world is confronted with a series of major crises, such as dwindling resources, environmental pollution, climate change, and health poverty. The impacts of such crises are irreversible and there would not be any “vaccine” or “miracle medicine”. Put forward by Chinese President Xi jinping, GEI initiative has gained high praise and substantial support from the international community. It has been incorporated into the working framework for implementing the UN 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement, and global environmental governance. GEI has provided a fundamental solution for defusing global crises, driving global energy transition, and securing human sustainable development. As the leading country with significant influence in the region, Egypt is experiencing growing electricity demand and high pressure in energy transition. In this regard, GEI can fully leverage Egypt’s geographical and resource advantages and turn Egypt into an Asia-Europe-Africa electricity hub, injecting tremendous impetus into the green and low-carbon energy transition and economic and social development.

Ambassador Elbadri said that energy was the foundation for economic development. Egypt fully supports and facilitates GEI establishment. The country is committed to creating an energy hub in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region through developing renewable energy and accelerating the interconnection of power grids between Egypt and neighboring countries. The contribution and importance of GEIDCO in sustaining energy development are widely recognized. He expressed the hope that on top of previous sound cooperation, the two sides would jointly push forward the power grid interconnection projects and bring the GEI roadmap into a reality at an early date.

In March 2019, Egyptian President H.E. Abdel Fattah El Sisi held talks in Cairo with GEIDCO delegation led by Chairman Liu Zhenya. They had good discussions on expediting regional power grid interconnection and achieving energy transition and sustainable development. In November 2019, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi sent a special envoy to participate in and read out his congratulatory letter for the 2019 Global Energy Interconnection & China-Africa Energy and Power Conference in Beijing. His message spoke highly of the GEI initiative, and called for actively implementation of this ambitious initiative.