UNECE Launches Study, Tool-kit for for Sustainable Renewable Energy Investments and Deployment

A study by UNECE on linkages between renewable energy and nature and food production was created alongside mechanisms for political leaders, companies and representatives of affected communities to address issues and come up with mutually beneficial plans. UNECE said stakeholders can come up with win-win options in the renewables-water-food-ecosystems nexus through dialogue.

Experience and research show how joint efforts by decision makers and private developers in different industries and neighbouring states can produce the highest possible benefits from green energy projects and maintain sustainability at the same time, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, said in a new publication. UNECE’s report provides insight into comprehensive intersectoral or nexus approach to make the best of available renewables while addressing related issues that affect water supply, ecosystems and food production.

The main authors – Vassilis Triantafyllos and Lucia de Strasser – said coordination in planning and deployment of renewable energy systems alongside diversification enable higher capacity and complementarity of available sources. They worked under the guidance of Gianluca Sambucini and Annukka Lipponen from UNECE.

(Source: Balkan Green Energy News)