Climate Parliament: The Climate Parliament Launches its Series of Virtual Parliamentary Roundtables

The Climate Parliament launched series of virtual parliamentary roundtables hosting event on sustainable transport.

The event, held on 6th May, 2020, gathered members of parliament from 12 countries in the African continent to discuss the overlap between climate change, COVID-19, and the transport sector. Experts from the High Volume Transport Applied Research Programme (HVT) created and presented a policy document, which can be downloaded below. The roundtable was co-sponsored by the Pan-African Parliament and made possible the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

COVID-19 has delivered some dramatic changes in world transport with mixed impacts. While many cities are seeing vastly lower air pollution, many people find themselves out of work in the formal and informal transport sectors. Some of the most vulnerable people are left without a means of accessing basic needs, and international supply chains have been disrupted. Discussions highlighted that every country faces its own challenges but there are also many difficulties which unite everyone.

As communities adapt to rapidly changing circumstances through means such as creating ‘pop-up’ bike lanes, MPs agreed that the momentum to create positive changes resulting from the global pandemic must be utilised to create more sustainable and inclusive transport systems.