German Environment Minister Defends Airline Bailout, Promises Green Recovery

Germanys environment minister has defended a planned bailout of the countrys largest airline to protect jobs in the short term, insisting the next phase of post-coronavirus recovery will be green.

Lufthansa is in talks with the German government over a package reportedly worth 10 billion. The company warned it had cash to survive just weeks as flights were grounded to halt the spread of Covid-19.

Campaigners have repeatedly called for any state aid to carbon-intensive sectors like aviation to be conditional on measurable climate action, but environment minister Svenja Schulze said now was not the time to impose green conditions.

I do not want to question the bailout money we are dispersing round. We have been internationally commended on our policy on quick help and this is right,said environment minister Svenja Schulze at the opening press conference of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, a mainstay of the climate diplomacy calendar, which Germany is co-hosting with the UK this week.

(Source: Climate Home News)