UK set for further disruptive weather after Storms Ciara and Dennis

The UK is braced for travel delays, flooding and power cuts on Monday as a storm bringing heavy rain, wind and snow moves in.

Britain’s national forecaster issued several travel warnings with Northern Ireland, northern and central England and Scotland expected to be particularly at risk of disruption.

The Met Office said there could be vehicles and passengers stranded on the roads and rail and air cancellations.

It also warned that driving conditions could become dangerous, mobile phone coverage affected and rural communities cut off. There have been no flight cancellations so far.

The storm has not been officially named but social media users have been calling it "Ellen".

It comes after a volatile February in which the UK was lashed with heavy rain, with flights and football matches cancelled and dozens of flood warnings issued after Storms Dennis and Ciara battered Europe.

The UK's Environment Agency said England had already received 141 per cent of its average February rainfall with some areas experiencing a month’s worth in 24 hours.

“Further spells of rain in northern England throughout the weekend, which are also expected into next week, could cause further flooding, particularly across the Pennines and parts of northern England, York and the Midlands,” said the agency's Caroline Douglass.

“River levels remain high and ongoing river flooding remains probable for the River Severn next week as it responds to heavy rainfall.

“This will be the third weekend of exceptional river levels and stormy weather. With the effects of climate change, we need to prepare for more frequent periods of extreme weather like this."

The stormy weather has also affected Germany, with carnival parades cancelled at short notice in the east because of high winds and heavy rain.

(Source: The National)