MPEI:North China Electric Power University delegation at MPEI

On the 12th and 13th of December 2019, delegation of the North China Electric Power University delegation was hosted by MPEI. It was headed by the Deputy Dean of the International Institute of Education Li Yang.

The goal of the visit was to discuss the issues of collaboration in the scientific and educational domains, including the extended process of Double Degree program realization.

From the NCEPU the representatives of the Power Engineering, Power Machinery, Nuclear Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering and Electronics were present.

In course of the visit the meeting with the Deputy Head of Institute of Power Engineering Natalya Agraponova took place. She spoke in details of Etalon, a special educational program that is aimed at the training of professionals for Power Industry and Innovation Economy in the new age circumstances.


The discussion of possibilities of mutual realization of the program was fruitful. Afterwards, the delegates observed the laboratory process at the departments of Power Electrical Systems, Relay Protection and Automation of Energy Systems, High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics and met the science personnel from these departments.

After the end of discussion MPEI Chinese students shared their stories of success with the delegates, who returned the favor by giving their pieces of advice. 

Next day, NCEPU guests visited the Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering and became acquainted with Head of ITNPE Alexey Dedov, Deputy Head Vladimir Manukhin and Head of the International Administration Sergey Shirinskii. Upon the results the possible fields of collaboration were traced.

Then the delegates visited the laboratories of General Physics and Nuclear Fusion department.

Overall the visit showed the vast prospects between MPEI and NCEPU on the way of collaboration.