Kenya places climate disorder at centre of UN security council bid

Kenya has made climate change a core part of its bid to obtain a seat on the UN security council, making an effort to “seek lasting solutions to security challenges caused by erratic climatic conditions” one of its 10 campaign pledges. 

The country is hoping to become a non-permanent member in 2021 to 2022. Kenya’s ministry of foreign affairs said it was well placed in helping the world deal with climate change-induced threats thanks to its experience of dealing with the impacts of extreme and variable weather.

Kenya is battling for Africa’s UN security council seat with Djibouti, which also has experience of dealing with food and water shortages as a consequence of changing weather conditions partially due to climate change.

The African Union recently endorsed Kenya’s candidacy by a considerable 37-13 margin over Djibouti. But Djibouti declined to bow out of the race. The election for non-permanent members of the UN security council will take place in June 2020, with successful candidates taking their seats in January 2021.

(Source: UN)