Liu Zhenya Visited Panama and Held Talks with Relevant Parties

From December 12 to 13 (local time), Chairman Liu Zhenya of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) visited Panama and held talks with Jorge Rivera Staff, State Secretary of Energy of Panama, Edgardo Alfredo Calderon Fernandez, Secretary General of Directive Council for Regional Electric Market of Central America, and José Enrique Martínez Albero, CEO of Empresa Propietaria de la Red S.A. Mr. Liu introduced the Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) proposal and its significance, and hoped to strengthen  cooperation with relevant parties, in a bid to jointly promote the development of energy and electricity in Panama and the formation of Central American Energy Interconnection.

Liu pointed out that the core of sustainable development is clean development. Building GEI is the key to clean development, which will promote “Two Replacements, One Increase, One Restore and One Conversion”, significantly reduce dependence on fossil energy and realize green and low-carbon development, thus fundamentally solving global challenges such as resource shortage, climate change, environmental pollution and issues of health and poverty. At present, the conditions are in place to accelerate the construction of GEI, with technical support, economic competitiveness and broad consensus.

Jorge Rivera Staff noted that GEI is a grand undertaking. The Panamanian government is accelerating the energy transition represented by de-carbonization. “Panama’s door is always open to GEI”. He expressed hopes to take advantage of geographical location to actively participate in the construction of GEI, strengthen the power interconnection between South and North America, and build Panama into a hub for energy and electricity connecting South and North America.

According to Edgardo Alfredo Calderon and José Enrique Martínez Albero, the development of GEI will have an important impact on the optimal allocation of energy resources, the construction of electricity market, and economic and regional integration in Central America. At present, Central American countries have initially realized power grid interconnection, and are making studies and plans to construct interconnected lines with Mexico and Colombia, so as to improve cross-border and intercontinental power transmission capacity and meet the needs of the rapid growth of energy and electricity.

At present,GEIDCO has released Report Series for Research and Outlook on Global and Six Continental Energy Interconnection (1+6), including Research on Central and South American Energy Interconnection, providing action guidelines and development roadmap for the implementation of GEI.