GEIDCO Made a Strong Call at COP25: Jointly Build GEI and Opening up a New Chapter for Climate Governance

UN’s high-level side event on the theme of ‘Accelerating the energy transformation in support of sustainable development and the Paris Agreement’ was held at COP25 in Madrid, Spain on December 11, 2019. The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) was invited to attend the event make a keynote speech. Liu Zhenmin, UN Under-Secretary-General, etc. also attended the meeting.

Climate change is moving faster than human actions and the infinite cost of climate change reaches irreversible highs. The severity, urgency and complexity of climate change determine that localized, fragmented and singular solution cannot achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. The core of accelerating clean development and develop a global, cross-sectoral systematic solution, to realize “de-carbonization” of economic and social development must be grasped.

GEIDCO stressed that GEI offers a fundamental solution for promoting world climate governance and sustainable development, and also an important platform for promoting large scale development, allocation and consumption of clean energy worldwide, which will speed up the process of clean replacement at the energy production side and electricity replacement at the energy consumption side, improve electrification across all social sectors and restore fossil fuels to their basic attribute as industrial raw materials. It is of great significance to promoting world energy transition, implementing the Paris Agreement and realizing sustainable development.

Based on GEI, by 2050, global interconnection will be established with clean energy accounting for 86% of primary energy, realizing global net zero carbon emissions. From 2018 to 2100, the cumulative carbon emissions will be limited to 360 billion tons, achieving the 1.5℃ temperature rise control target.

‘Let us deepen cooperation and speed up our actions to jointly build GEI and open up a new chapter for climate governance,’ GEIDCO appealed.