UNFCCC Website:UN Climate Change Partners Support COP25


UN Climate Change News, 27 November 2019 – UN Climate Change is pleased to acknowledge partners who work with the secretariat throughout the year to advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement and who will also be supporting the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid (2-13 December) through specific activities.

The involvement of non-Party stakeholders such as the private sector, cities and civil society in the climate process is foreseen by the Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA), launched at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP22. On that occasion, the Conference of the Parties explicitly welcomed climate action of all non-Party stakeholders to help implement the Paris Agreement.

“Last year at COP24 in Katowice, countries made significant progress to operationalize the Paris Agreement. Now we are moving towards its implementation and more ambitious climate commitments. But the Paris goals cannot be achieved in isolation. To continue boosting climate action and immediately lower emissions, we need to enable collaboration of all stakeholders”, said the Deputy Executive-Secretary of UN Climate Change, Mr. Ovais Sarmad.

“Our partners are good examples of cooperation to drive change towards and collectively strive for a climate-neutral world”, said Sarmad.

Initiatives led by UN Climate Change partners at COP25 include efforts to promote e-mobility and cycling, the development of affordable solutions to generate and transmit renewable energy, implementing strategies to make companies “climate positive” by reducing their emissions, and a digital campaign using creative design to mobilize climate change awareness.

In addition to working with these partners, UN Climate Change continues to foster climate action across sectors such as fashion, technology and sports by partnering with businesses, NGOs and international organizations.

The UN Climate Change partners have a proven track-record of climate commitments and have committed to generate a positive impact in society and the environment by aligning their strategies and practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Support from partners contributes to the work of UN Climate Change and to its capacity through resources such as knowledge, expertise and broad outreach support.

The UN Climate Change partners are:

Doconomy – a fintech company founded in Sweden in 2018, focused on sustainable investment products and banking services which measure spendings and savings by their impact on the planet.

Facebook - the social network company will set up a “Facebook Live Studio” at the conference aiming at expanding virtual engagement with the public via social media. Facebook is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas footprint by 75% and reaching 100% renewable energy in its operations in 2020.

GEIDCO – based in Beijing, GEIDCO is a non-profit international organization dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of energy and enhancing international energy cooperation worldwide.

Iberdrola – the international power utility is organizing the fifth edition of Moving for Climate NOW, an initiative to raise awareness and support climate negotiations by bringing together a multidisciplinary team of climate-committed participants from different nationalities and organizations. The team will embark on a cycling journey from Salamanca to the COP25 venue in Madrid, where it will deliver a manifesto to request greater urgency and ambition in the fight against climate change.

Inter IKEA Group - IKEA is one of the most well-known home furnishing brands in the world. By 2030, IKEA’s ambition is to be climate positive - reducing more greenhouse emissions than the entire value chain emits, while growing the IKEA business. At COP25, Inter IKEA Group is inviting policymakers, NGOs, other businesses and stakeholders to discuss a global definition of “climate positive”. Inter IKEA Group includes the IKEA franchisor, range development (including food), supply and some manufacturing activities

Lorenzo Quinn and Halcyon Art International – the Italian artist is the creator of the monumental sculpture "Support", exhibited in the Venice Biennale 2017. The sculpture involves two giant hands rising from a canal in Venice to support the walls of the Ca'Segredo Hotel. The artwork is a poignant reminder of the vital need to protect the climate and ecosystems, particularly for younger generations.

Qlik - a leader in the data analytics market, Qlik is working with UN Climate Change to develop systems and tools for the integration, processing and visualization of non-state actors greenhouse gas emissions data.

Visa – one of the world’s largest payment networks, Visa is working with UN Climate Change to enable a simpler, faster, easier way to make contributions to support climate action. Visa committed to using 100% renewable electricity across its global operations by the end of 2019.

What Design Can Do – the design-driven NGO mobilizes global design communities around issues like climate change and social justice. WDCD organized the poster exhibition 25x25 based on the theme of COP25 “Time for Action” to mark the 25th anniversary of UNFCCC and highlight solutions that can support increased climate ambition.

World Travel and Tourism Council – a non-profit organization that develops, shares and promotes research and good practices within the travel and tourism sector, including tools to reduce the impact of tourism on the climate.