Offshore wind carry EU to meeting Paris goals, says IEA

Under a scenario consistent with the Paris climate targets, offshore wind will dominate by 2050, while gas will be the key to secure short-term emission cuts, according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook.

A huge growth in the deployment of offshore wind power could easily get the European Union to net-zero emissions by 2050 and achieve its Paris Agreement climate goals, according to a scenario presented by the International Energy Agency in Brussels on Monday (18 November).

“A carbon neutral Europe has to put offshore wind in front,” IEA executive director Fatih Birol said at an event presenting the report in Brussels.

Under a “sustainable development scenario” that meets the Paris Agreement’s target of keeping global temperature rise well below 2°C, nuclear, solar PV hydro and onshore wind all remain relatively stable after 2025.

But offshore wind would see rapid growth. Coal is almost completely phased out, while gas use grows in the short term and declines after 2025.