The Fourth Session of the First GEIDCO Council Meeting Convened

On 27 September, the Fourth Session of the First Council Meeting of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) was convened in Beijing. The meeting reviewed the work report of GEIDCO since the last Council Session, deliberated and adopted GEIDCO’s special report on financial performance and membership development. GEIDCO Chairman Liu Zhenya presided over the meeting and made the concluding speech. GEIDCO Vice Chairman Shu Yinbiao, representatives of other Vice Chairmen and delegates of 19 council members also attended the meeting and made remarks.


With the support from council members and other GEIDCO members, GEIDCO has been pushing forward the development of Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) since the Third Session of the First Council Meeting. GEIDCO has further forged global consensus, deepened the planning and researches, and expanded scopes for international cooperation, with prominent progress in overall capability and competence of GEIDCO staffs. GEI and GEIDCO has entered a new stage of development.

The meeting maintained that at present, GEI has evolved from a proposal to a global action, becoming a flagship that pioneers energy transition and advances sustainable development of the humanity. GEIDCO has entered a new stage of rapid growth since its initial establishment, and has become a leading international organization with extensive influence in global energy sector.

The meeting pointed out that GEI provides a fundamental solution for addressing major challenges in areas such as global resources, climate and environment, and achieving sustainable human development. This initiative goes in line with the world trend and objective development laws, thus holding broad prospects and a promising outlook. In the face of increasingly severe global challenges, all parties shall act proactively to promote GEI development to a new level, mobilize greater efforts for concept dissemination, research, project implementation, etc., and continuously promote innovative breakthroughs. Actions shall also be taken to accelerate GEIDCO development to a new level, as an international organization with global voice, influence as well as actions, and speed up innovation-driven development with the focus on strengthening organizational structure, platforms and branding.

The meeting called on council members and other GEIDCO members to leverage their roles, and establish a coordination mechanism to form a greater development synergy. It is also encouraged to work together towards yielding tangible results for GEI planning, and realizing a more rapid development in higher quality for GEI and GEIDCO.

The delegates of council members spoke highly of GEIDCO in completing its assigned tasks, and expressed their willingness to vigorously support and participate in GEI development. The council members will actively practice in areas such as expanding cooperation network, promoting project construction, and discussing operational modes, thus contributing to the world’s energy transition and sustainable human development.

Also attended the meeting were Secretary General, Chief Technology Officer, and Deputy Secretary General of GEIDCO, as well as heads of bureaus and divisions of GEIDCO.