Liu Zhenya met with Singaporean counterparts

From September 19 and 20, Liu Zhenya, Chairman of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), visited Singapore and held talks with Prof. Lam Khin Yong, Vice President (Research) of Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Liu Bin, Vice President of Research and Technology & Provost’s Chair of National University of Singapore and Mr Wong Kim Yin, Group Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Power Limited. The parties had in-depth exchanges on pursuing joint research and project cooperation, and reached consenus on promoting Global Energy Interconnection(GEI) and the sustainable development of energy and electricity in Southeast Asia.

GEI China Initiative, provides a systematic solution for addressing resource shortage, environmental pollution, climate change, health and poverty and other global challenges, and has recevied high praises and extensive responses from the international community. GEI brings new opportunities for innovative development of enterprises and universities, said Liu. GEIDCO would like to strengthen joint researches with relevant parties to boost transnational, cross-field and cross-discipline academic exchanges and cooperation, integrate, mine and leverage the value of “four networks integration” and bring momentum for humankind’s sustainable development 

All parties involved actively support the development of GEI, believing that with the application of UHV and other advanced technologies, the long-distance, wide-scope optimized power allocation and the large-scale development of clean energy will be of great significance for global energy transition and sustainable development, benefiting all human beings and the whole world. GEI represents the future development trend of energy and power, and opens up broad fields and brand new topics for scientific researches of universities, said Lam Khin Yong and Liu Bin. They both hoped to give full play of their universities’ competitiveness in basic research and enhance research cooperation with GEIDCO to make innovative achievements as early as possible to support GEI’s development. Mr. Wong Kim Yin noted that Singapore attaches high importance to the development of recycling energy and grid interconnection. Singapore Power Limited would deepen practical cooperation with GEIDCO and actively involve in the implementation of GEI projects to drive the transformation and innovative development of energy and electricity.

In October 2018, GEIDCO released Energy Interconnection in ASEAN for Sustainable and Resilient Societies-Accelerating the Energy Transition in Beijing, which presented a comprehensive solution for clean energy development and grid interconnection in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia Energy Interconnection holds great strategic significance for driving regional energy transformation, boosting regional economy integration and realizing sustainable economic and social development in Southeast Asia. It has been highly concerned and recognized by relevant parties.