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Protecting the ecological environment bears on the well-being of mankind as a whole and on the sustainable development of the world. Since the inception of the industrial revolution, the global ecological environment has been increasingly damaged due to exploiting of natural resources on a large scale. Consequently, the environmental issues have gradually deteriorated from a regional occurrence into a global phenomenon, seriously threatening the survival and development of human beings. Since the world’s first intergovernmental environmental conference, i.e. the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1972, all countries in the world have made concerted efforts to maintain and improve the global ecological environment. They established a series of conventions, laws, policies and mechanisms, and promoted the construction of global environmental protection systems, of which the establishment of the United National Environment Program (UNEP) was a symbol. After all, promoting the sustainable development and achieving green, low-carbon development around the world is a common mission and responsibility for us all.

Unsustainable development and utilization of energy are the key factors of the global environmental issues. The purpose of the Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is to build a modern energy system with clean energy as a key, electricity as center, power grids widely interconnected, and mutual benefits shared. It will achieve large-scale development, wide allocation and efficient utilization of clean energy worldwide. Promote the clean and green way to meet the global electricity demand, promote energy reform, accelerate clean development, protect the ecological environment, and realize the sustainable development of human society. Highly consistent with the environmental protection and sustainable development, the GEI concept has blazed a new path for the world to resolve global environmental issues in areas such as climate change, atmosphere, land, fresh water, solid waste, forest, ocean, food and biodiversity, etc.

In an effort to further the global environmental protection through GEI, the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) has formulated this “GEI Action Plan for Promoting Global Environmental Protection” (hereinafter referred to as “Action Plan”). The Action Plan looks into nine environmental issues which are challenging human survival and development, expounds the solution of GEI to solve global environmental issues, elucidates the value and role of GEI in addressing major environmental issues across the world, and formulates eight actions in which GEI is adopted for environmental protection in all respects, including actions of Concept Promotion, Mechanisms Establishment, Clean Development, Power Grid Interconnection, Universal Power Access, Electricity Replacement, Energy Efficiency Enhancement and Ecological Restoration.

Implementing the Action Plan will greatly enhance the campaign of promoting environmental protection across the globe. It is able to accelerate green and low- carbon energy transition globally. In addition, it can also provide clean, safe, affordable and efficient energy for all, while at the same time, reducing air pollution, improving desertification control, reducing water consumption and pollution, reducing solid waste, promoting forest vegetation recovery, balancing marine ecology, lessening food crisis and enhancing biodiversity protection. By creating new coordinated patterns of development between humans and nature, and between humans and the environment, it has opened up a scientific pathway that promotes the global environmental protection through the clean, sustainable development of the global energy.

Developing GEI is a great cause for the benefit of every human being. It therefore needs to combine the wisdom and strength from across the world. The GEIDCO hereby call on the international community, including national governments, enterprises, organizations and individuals, to work hand in hand to develop the Global Energy Interconnection, striving to meet the objective of accelerating the furtherance of the global environmental protection, building a beautiful home for human beings and creating a new era for global sustainable development.