CGTN: Global Connectivity, 6 energy agreements signed at BRI forum side event

The results are coming in from the Belt and Road Forum. At a side event hosted by the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization, a number of agreements were signed. CGTN's Sun Ye has more.

Six new agreements are set to better connect and power us all.

RALLA AMOLO ODINGA HIGH REPRESENTATIVE FOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT AFRICAN UNION COMMISSION "The biggest problems inside Africa is that, even though for example Kenya has more water power to share, there is no way for other energy-starved countries to get it."

Ethiopia's energy minister says could change his country's energy landscape.

SELESHI BEKELE ETHIOPIAN MINISTER OF WATER, IRRIGATION, AND ENERGY "The biggest benefit coming from the agreement: we will tap into great potential and as we shift to a completely clean energy structure, the agreements will help."

Ethiopia's Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity has signed an interconnection agreement with both the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) and GEIDCO ( Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization).

ZHOUYUANBING,DIRECTOR GENERAL ECONOMIC AND TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, GEIDCO "In Africa, the thing that keeps many resource-rich countries from real growth is their poor energy infrastructure. This problem is evident for example in western Africa. The solution could be for them to get into an energy-connectivity-network."

Other cooperation agreements signed were between China and UN agencies, governments, and universities to promote energy interconnection.

It's estimated that 2.7 trillion US dollars worth of investment will go into building an energy-interconnection network by 2050.