Liu Zhenya Visited Japan, Promoting Northeast Asia Energy Interconnection and Power Development in Japan

From March 25 to 26, Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), visited Japan and met with Taizo Takahashi, Commissioner of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI), Masayoshi Son, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank, Yasuyo Yamazaki, CEO of Sun Based Economic Association, and Yuzuru Hiroe, Director Deputy Secretary General of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC). The two sides had in-depth discussions and reached broad consensus on issues such as promoting the building of Northeast Asia Energy Interconnection, advancing clean energy transition and accelerating power development of Japan.

Liu pointed out that building GEI and promoting the “Two Replacements, One Increase and One Restore” provide a workable and calculable systematic solution with technical feasibility and economic competitiveness for addressing acute issues such as global resource depletion, environmental pollution and climate change, and achieving sustainable development.

Liu briefed on major works and research achievements, the Northeast Asia Energy Interconnection Planning Research Report in particular, over the past three years since GEIDCO was established. He expressed the hope of cooperating with relevant enterprises and institutions from Japan and other countries on planning, technology, project and other fields, in a bid to promote investment and innovative development of GEI.

The parties concerned in Japan highly recognized and supported GEI and sustainable development that is clean and low-carbon. Taizo Takahashi said the building of GEI will promote the optimal allocation of clean energy on a large scale and more rational and efficient use of it. The Japanese government will actively support the efforts of relevant enterprises in promoting grid interconnection between Japan and its neighboring countries. Masayoshi Son expressed that Softbank will continue to focus on and fully support the development of GEI as intercontinental and cross-border interconnection projects enjoy broad investment prospects. Yasuyo Yamazaki stated that it is imperative to speed up the development of clean energy and cross-border grid interconnection in Northeast Asia. He hoped to deepen exchanges and cooperation with GEIDCO, jointly promote the concept of GEI and work for the implementation of interconnection projects at an early date. Yuzuru Hiroe noted that the development of clean energy is crucial to tackling climate change and protecting ecological environment, hoping to contribute more to the transition and cyclical utilization of energy and the realization of long-distance power transmission and interconnection.