GEIDCO Chairman Liu Zhenya Held Talks with Egypt President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

On 3rd March 2019, Egypt President, rotating presidency of the African Union, H.E. Mr. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held talks with the visiting GEIDCO Chairman Mr. Liu Zhenya. Both sides had in-depth exchanges regarding how to expediate energy interconnection in Egypt and the region, and promote energy transition and sustainable development of clean energy, with broad consensus forged. Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mr. Mohamed Shaker and Director of the President Office Mohsin Mohamed attended the meeting.

As Chairman Liu Zhenya put it, Egypt, sitting at the intersections of Africa, Asia and Europe, with abundant solar power, wind power and other clean energy resources, has great geographical and resource advantages in the development of Global Energy Interconnection. Therefore, Egypt will play a significant role in achieving energy interconnections among Arab countries, within African continent, as well as the inter-continental interconnection among Asia, Europe and Africa. Chairman Liu Zhenya briefed President Sisi on the progress and research results of GEIDCO and invited Egypt to join the African Energy Interconnection and Sustainable Development Alliance (AEISDA), in a collective effort to accelerate energy interconnection in Egypt and the region, promote regional economic and social development, and help achieve Egypt's Vision 2030, by further leveraging Egypt's influence in Africa and the Arab region.

President Sisi expressed his full support for the GEI initiative, applauded GEIDCO's important role in promoting global power interconnection, and acknowledged the importance of energy interconnection planning and studies to Egypt's economic and social development. President Sisi stated that Egypt attaches great importance to the development of energy and power infrastructure and renewable energy, and vigorously promotes interconnection with African and Arab countries. Egypt plans to further advance energy infrastructure and regional integration by increasing investment in cross-border projects. According to plan, Egypt's renewable energy will account to 42% of the total energy mix in 2035. Egypt will actively cooperate with Arab and African countries, to accelerate energy transition, gradually reduce dependence on traditional fossil fuels, and push forward power interconnection with among Asia, Europe and Africa. President Sisi hopes to deepen cooperation with GEIDCO and work together to promote the innovative development of GEI.

During his visit to Egypt, Chairman Liu Zhenya also had in-depth exchanges with the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Egypt Mr. Mohamed Shaker and Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League Mr. Kamal Hassan Ali on energy and power development in Egypt and the Arab region as well as regional energy interconnection, with broad consensus reached. Mohamed Shaker stated that Egypt has abundant clean energy resources such as hydro, solar and wind, and the government of Egypt attaches great importance to the development of renewable energy and the cross-border and transcontinental power grid interconnection. Egypt is committed to participating in the construction of GEI and building a regional energy and electricity nexus. Kamal Hassan Ali stated that the Arab League is promoting the establishment of a pan-Arab common power market, building energy interconnection and promoting energy transition and economic transformation in the Arab region. The Arab League hopes to deepen pragmatic cooperation with GEIDCO and leverage advantages of both sides to jointly promote interconnection, and the research and construction of the Arab power market.

GEIDCO signed cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Egypt and the Arab League in September 2017 and June 2018 respectively to conduct joint research and technology cooperation, so as to collectively advance planning and construction of power grid interconnection projects among Arab nations and with neighboring regions.