CO2 removals ‘increasingly necessary’ to avoid climate disaster, scientists warn

The failure to reverse growth in greenhouse gas emissions means the world is now increasingly dependent on unproven technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in order to avert dangerous climate change, scientists warned on February 19.

As global emissions continue to rise, hopes of containing the planet’s warming “well below 2°C” – the headline target of the Paris Agreement – are fading by the day, according to a new report by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC).

This means carbon removal technologies “will need to take on increased importance in the EU’s climate change strategy this year and in the near future,” EASAC said in a new report published on Tuesday.

EASAC represents the consensus among national science academies in the 28 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland, giving its opinions considerable authority among the scientific community.

“Applying negative emissions technologies at a potentially huge scale is increasingly likely to be necessary,” warned Professor Michael Norton, environment programme director at EASAC. (Source: