Vestas presents 5-MW onshore wind platform with 2 variants

January 24, Vestas Wind Systems A/S (CPH:VWS) today presented a new 5-MW onshore wind turbine platform, including two variants that together cover low, medium and high wind conditions.

The newly-introduced EnVentus platform currently comprises the V150-5.6 MW and V162-5.6 MW models, which, Vestas noted, may eventually prove to have offshore applicability. The Danish company said that the new offerings combine technology and system designs from its 2-MW, 4-MW and 9-MW platforms and will be globally applicable. The machines feature a full-scale converter, a permanent magnet generator and a medium-speed drivetrain.

The V162-5.6 MW turbine has a swept area of over 20,000 sq m (215,278 sq ft) and, depending on site-specific conditions, can offer 26% higher annual energy production than the V150-4.2 MW. It will mainly be used in low to medium wind conditions. The first such prototype will be installed in mid-2020 and Vestas expects serial production to begin later that year.

The V150-5.6 MW model, on the other hand, boosts the annual energy production potential by 30% compared to the V136-4.2 MW, Vestas said, adding that it is primarily relevant in medium to high wind conditions. The first prototype will be erected in the second half of 2019, with serial production scheduled to start in mid-2020. (Source: Renewables Now)