GEIDCO Convened the 2019 Working Conference

On January 23rd, GEIDCO’s 2019 working conference was held in Beijing. Mr. Liu Zhenya, Chairman of GEIDCO, attended the conference and made important remarks. 

The year 2018 has been a milestone year for Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) to make rapid progress. New headways and achievements have been made in concept promotion, international cooperation, fundamental research, organization management, workforce building and the “Two Developments” (namely GEI and GEIDCO development).

Over the past three years, GEI has entered a new stage of strategy implementation, and GEIDCO has rapidly and steadily passed its initial stage of development, with new breakthroughs in “Two Developments”. GEI’s influence has grown significantly as representatives of GEIDCO held talks with dozens of heads of state, and senior government and UN officials, as well as more than 200 heads of international organizations, government departments, industry associations, enterprises, institutions and universities. GEIDCO has carried out over 100 researches on the strategy, planning, technology and projects of GEI, and released 18 influential innovative achievements to the world. Its partners include major international organization, as well as government departments, energy enterprises, financial institutions, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges from more than 70 countries on five continents. And 31 cooperation agreements have been signed. The number of GEIDCO members has expanded from 80 members from 14 countries (regions) to 602 from 85 countries (regions). 

Mr. Liu pointed out that building a first-class workforce and excellent culture is of great significance for the long-term development of GEI. It is not only an urgent task, but also a long-term and strategic one. The key to accomplish the task lies in the task-oriented manner and devoting spirit, the enhanced capacity and its commitment, the open mind and the pursuit of innovation, the cultivated culture and the integrity, and the rigorous and diligent work style in an effort to complete the task with high standard and high quality.

Mr. Liu stressed that to promote the innovative development of GEI, we need to establish a scientific and advanced theoretical system by deepening the study of GEI concept and development strategy; establish a comprehensive and systematic planning system with the GEI backbone grids as the core, continental and regional planning as the coordination, and energy planning of key countries as the support; establish an open and efficient electricity and carbon joint market by carrying out the overall design of global energy, electricity and carbon markets; and establish a project construction mechanism for mutually beneficial cooperation based on the reality of each country by adopting the model of co-development of “electricity, mining, metallurgy, industry and trade”. To promote the innovative development of GEIDCO, we need to improve the organization network so as to build an international organization with a reasonable structure, sound mechanism and efficient operation; enlarge the membership network to enable members to actively promote and benefit from GEI development; develop the alliance network by launching the university, think tank, finance, power and equipment alliances, and the African Energy Interconnection and Sustainable Development Alliance (AEISDA); and expand the communication network by using the media as channels, conferences as platforms and periodicals as carriers, and establishing a multi-level communication system to create a favorable environment for the “Two Developments”.

The conference laid out GEIDCO’s 10 priorities for 2019: strengthen the organization and planning of conferences and events; conduct researches on major issues; work on development in all aspects; enhance international cooperation in an all-round way; improve membership development and services; accelerate the establishment and development of alliances; promote ideas and achievements; improve the network of overseas offices; advance the organizational management; and strengthen team building and cultural development.

In 2019, GEIDCO will host the 2019 Global Energy Interconnection Conference - China-Africa Power Conference, the International Water Conference, Meetings on the Establishment of the African Energy Interconnection and Sustainable Development Alliance (AEISDA), the International Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy in Least-developed Countries, and the Forums on North America, Central and South America Energy Interconnection Development. It will also hold GEI-related thematic events and high-level forum during the United Nations Environment Assembly and UN 2019 Climate Summit. GEIDCO will complete, with high quality, the Asian, European, Central and South America, North America, the “Asia, Europe and Africa” energy interconnection planning, and the GEI action plan to promote global environmental governance, and address issues of poverty, electricity access and health. It will deepen the co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, industry and trade, and promote a number of demonstration projects in Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.