China Three Gorges Corporation:Jiangsu Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project Achieved Grid-connected Power Generation

At 18 o'clock, October 31, 2018, Jiangsu Dafeng 300MW Offshore Wind Power Project of China Three Gorges Corporation achieved grid-connected power generation, representing that China Three Gorges Corporation took a solid step for building the large-scale "1000 MW" Offshore Wind Power Base in Jiangsu area. The Project has 54 wind turbine generators of 3.3 MW and 19 wind turbine generators of 6.45 MW installed. 45 km away from the shore, the site has a water depth of 1 to 17 m and one 220kV offshore step-up substation. For Jiangsu Dafeng Project, on-site joint manufacture of 220kV three-core submarine cable was used for the first time in China; offshore step-up substation firstly achieved domestication of electric equipment; domestic 6.45 MW wind turbine generators was used in batch for the first time, with the largest single-pile foundation in China (diameter: 8 m).