Liu Zhenya visited France and Switzerland Accelerating Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) Promoting Energy Transition and Sustainable Economic and Social Devel...

Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Global Energy Interconnection Development Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), recently visited France and Switzerland, and met with Ludger Schuknecht, OECD Deputy Secretary-General; Jorge Moreira da Silva, Director of Development Co-operation Directorate at OECD; Qu Xing, UNESCO Deputy Director-General; Flavia Schlegel, UNESCO Assistant Director-General; Dr. Joy St John, WHO Assistant Director-General; and Zhang Wenjian, WMO Assistant Secretary-General. They had in-depth exchanges and reached broad consensus on accelerating global energy interconnection (GEI), promoting energy transition and sustainable development, and deepening pragmatic cooperation.

In the talks, Liu Zhenya pointed out that GEI provides a practical, evaluable, feasible solution to fundamentally address the major challenges of resource shortage, climate change, environmental pollution and energy poverty, so as to achieve sustainable development. Liu Zhenya pointed out that the core of sustainable development is clean development, and that the key is to build GEI and achieve “Two Replacements, One Increase and One Restore”. The breakthrough and engineering application of UHV transmission technology, have made it possible to realize large-scale clean energy development and optimal distribution, giving strong technical support. GEI will have a significant and far-reaching impact on all aspects of human development such as energy, economy, society and the environment. Taking Africa as an example, Liu Zhenya introduced the concept and significance of the African Energy Interconnection and of the co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy and other industries, which was highly recognized and supported by all parties. 

The parties concerned have expressed their appreciation for the efforts and achievements made by GEIDCO. They also expressed their hope to strengthen partnership with GEIDCO and promoting the synergy for accelerating GEI, energy transition as well as sustainable economic and social development in the world. Schuknecht said that OECD will actively support GEI initiative and promote international cooperation, in the fields of technology, standards and finance. Jorge Moreira da Silva expressed that they are willing to establish regular cooperation with GEIDCO, deepen research on projects and finance and other fields related to GEI, so as to jointly push forward GEI development, and promote world economic growth and sustainable development. Qu Xing said that innovative breakthroughs made by China in UHV transmission provide valuable experience for global energy transition and sustainable development. Clean development is a key area of concern for UNESCO, and it would like to establish regular collaboration with GEIDCO. Schlegel believed that energy connectivity is the key to global inclusive development and realizing the UN 2030 Agenda. It hopes to establish long-term cooperation with GEIDCO and to jointly address the major challenges facing sustainable development for mankind. John fully agrees with the GEI concept and believes that fossil energy will eventually be replaced by clean energy. GEI provides a viable solution for promoting clean and green transition, mitigating environmental pollution, and improving people’s health. Zhang Wenjian said that the development of GEI calls for cooperation and synergy from world community. WMO is willing to deepen cooperation with GEIDCO in clean energy observation and forecasting, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc., and give play to each other’s advantages to jointly promote GEI.