Power Construction Corporation of China:Launch of the First Generating Unit of the Biggest Hydroelectricity Plant in Pakistan

The Tarbela Fourth Expansion Hydropower Project of Pakistan built by Sinohydro Bureau 7 CO., LTD. put its first generating unit grid connected on February 26 2018. sincere congratulations from Muzammil Hussain , Chairman of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), the project proprietor, sent sincere congratulations on the start of generation of the project as scheduled. Kicking off on October 29 2013, the project has overcome several engineering and technological difficulties including designing and installing cellular straight steel sheet pile cofferdam in deep water zones, installing and uninstalling stoplogs of over 100 meter depth and rapid uninstallation of complexs t r u c t u r e d c o n c r e t e , a n d c o m p l e t e d t h e installation of the world's largest steel bifurcated pipe group. After efforts over 1575 days and nights, the first generating unit successfully got grid connected and won unanimous applause from both the proprietor and the supervising engineers.