GEIDCO Convened the 2018 Mid-year Working Conference

On July 25th, GEIDCO’s 2018 mid-year working conference was held in Beijing. Mr. Liu Zhenya, Chairman of GEIDCO, Chairman of China Electricity Council (CEC) and Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, attended the conference and delivered speech on the mid-year work report of GEIDCO, asking for further efforts to enhance understanding of GEI and hard work on strengthening the foundation, cultivating workforce and corporate culture, and solving difficult problems. He said that equal weight should be given to promoting the development of GEI and GEIDCO (Two Developments) and the building of workforce and corporate culture. The “Two Developments” should be ensured to promote workforce and culture building, which in turn, will secure the “Two Developments” and bring new breakthroughs.

This year, with the focus on accelerating the “Two Developments” as the work priority, while keeping the big picture and long-term objectives in mind, GEIDCO has made new headways and achievements in international cooperation, key conferences and events, global outreach, major researches, organization development and management, by enhancing quality, efficiency and innovation, forging ahead and tackling tough challenges.

Liu Zhenya pointed out that energy holds the key to human sustainable development. The world today is confronted with resource depletion, climate change, environment degradation, health and poverty issues as well as large population without power access. The root causes for these challenges result from the heavy dependence on and excessive use of fossil energy. It is a key and pressing task to address these challenges so as to achieve sustained human development. Clean development is the core of sustainable development, while the key to clean development is achieving “Two Replacements”, namely, replacing fossil energy with clean energy such as solar, wind and hydro power in energy production and replacing coal, oil and gas with electricity generated from clean energy in energy consumption. The essence of GEI is “Smart Grid & UHV grid & Clean Energy”. GEI building is an inevitable choice for realizing the “Two Replacements” and achieving green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

Liu Zhenya emphasized that GEI is a modern energy system contributing to the global production, allocation and use of clean energy.It is a fundamental solution to climate change and global warming, and an effective way to curb environmental pollution and build a beautiful world. GEI is a powerful engine for promoting technological and industrial innovation and high-quality development of the global economy. It is an important platform for transforming the global governance system and building a community of shared future for mankind, which would lead to an overall transformation in global politics, economy, society, environment, industries and human life. As the bellwether of GEI development, propeller for global energy transition and practitioner of sustainable development for mankind, GEIDCO needs to enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, strengthen its dedication and pursue lofty ideals. GEIDCO should take it as a bounded duty to promote innovative GEI development and strive for continuous breakthroughs in GEI building with strong will and high spirit.

The overall objective of building GEIDCO into an organization with a global voice, influence and strong execution ability was pointed out at the conference. With the development of workforce and corporate culture as the long-term task, continuous efforts should be made to build a first-class workforce with firm conviction, outstanding ability and high efficiency and a good culture featuring dedication, hard work and innovation so as to underpin and advance GEI development.

The conference focused on the priority tasks of the year, and stressed the importance of adhering to the problem-oriented approach, reinforcing foundation, seizing opportunities and breaking through barriers with more attention paid to undertaking overall coordination, strengthening weak spots and improving work quality and management efficiency for new progress in the “Two Developments”. The conference required that the following 8 aspects of work should be completed in the second half of the year: organizing meetings and events, constructing “3 Networks”, namely, networks of foreign offices, members and alliances, building “3 Platforms”, i.e. platforms of conferences, periodicals and media, resolving development problems, conducting researches, strengthening operation analysis, tightening lean management and promoting the development of workforce and corporate culture.

Secretary-General of GEIDCO Wu Xuan chaired the conference. Chief Technology Officer Liang Xuming, Deputy Secretary-General Cheng Zhiqiang, heads of offices and bureaus and all the staff attended the conference.