The First GEI Energy Aid Project is Completed and Transferred for Operation

On May 14, Ethiopian local time, the Abay Silto School Power Supply Project in Oromia, Ethiopia was formally transferred to Oromia Water, Mineral and Energy Bureau (WMEB). Constructed with the aid from Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), this power supply project provides reliable power for 825 teachers and students in Abay Silto School. Its daily operation and maintenance will be managed by Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) in the future.

Located in a village of Oromia, Abay Silto School is in a mountainous area and has no access to electricity. Before the completion of the project, the teaching activities could only continue with the diesel generator functioning 2 hours per day. After the field survey and on-the-spot exploration, GEIDCO decided to provide the fund in constructing power supply lines to resolve the difficulty of getting electricity.

In the second half of 2017, GEIDCO signed an Energy Aid Project Agreement with the Government of Oromia as well as EEU and completed the design of the project. On December 28, 2017, China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd (CET), as the contractor, started the project. In 3 months, they completed the construction of a 7.5-km long line with 120 poles, and a 15-kilovolt electric transmission line linked with Bao Laimi substation, to provide safe and reliable electricity to the school.

According to GEIDCO, after the completion of the project, the school will be powered by centralized civil power supply. Compared with the previous scenario using diesel generator, the annual cost of electricity can be reduced by 83%, saving 800 US dollars. Teachers will be able to use computers and other advanced teaching tools. Besides, this project also paves way for solving the shortage of power supply, a major issue existing in peripheral villages.

“The school will consider introducing projectors and other devices after the teaching area has access to electricity. And the teaching will not be influenced by weather and other factors. We have deeply experienced the unparalleled contribution made by the Chinese for building a modernized Ethiopia,” said Ahimed Hamissou, Director of Abay Silto School.

“When electricity comes, we will learn all subjects by computers, then when I reach grade 10 when we learn fully with computers, our exam results will come perfectly,” said Demisse Dejene, ninth grade student of the school.

The project completion and transfer ceremony held on May 14 was addressed by representatives from GEIDCO, Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, WMEB, EEU and the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia. CET representatives introduced the construction of the project and the operation condition.