African and Chinese experts discuss clean energy development and power interconnection in Africa

On May 14, Ethiopian local time, a forum on “Grid Connection Gearing up Sustainable Africa” was held in Addis Ababa. The forum proposed to governments in Africa and across the world, international organizations, energy and power enterprises, financial and research institutions to jointly promote the development of clean energy and the construction of power grid interconnection in Africa, promote energy transformation and build African Energy Interconnection and Global Energy Interconnection, so as to provide clean and sustained energy support for economic and social development in the world.

Kuang Weilin, Ambassador of Mission of PRC to the African Union (AU), Seleshi Bekele, Minister of Water Irrigation and Electricity, Ethiopia, Bruno Kapandji Kalala, Minister of Agency for the Development and Promotion of Grand Inga (ADPI-RDC) and Mohamed Mousa Omran, First Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt, attended the forum and made keynote speeches.

The forum was organized by Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO). In-depth discussions and consensuses were made on the topics of clean energy development in Africa, power grid interconnection and the Belt and Road cooperation among the representatives from the AU, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), ADPI-RDC, Association of Power Utilities of Africa (APUA) and other international organizations; power departments and enterprises in Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, etc.; as well as China Three Gorges International Corporation (CTGIC), POWERCHINA International Group Limited, State Grid International Development Co., Ltd. (SGID) , China Electric Power Equipment and Technology CO., Ltd. (CET) and other Chinese enterprises in power sector.

GEIDCO representative said that energy issue is among the core issues constraining the sustainable development of Africa. Large-scale development of hydropower, wind power and solar power generation, with large-scale deployment and efficient use of clean energy through transnational and transcontinental interconnected power grids, is the key to solving the problems of energy resources shortage, environmental pollution and unbalanced development in Africa. Therefore, everyone can have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable modern energy.

GEIDCO representative released the latest research results on Energy Interconnection in Africa as well as transnational power transmission plan of Congo and Nile River. Three Gorges International representative introduced the planning proposal of Grand Inga. Discussions were made on the key topic of development and utilization of Grand Inga hydropower among the representatives from ADPI-RDC, GEIDCO, SGID, CTGIC, AU, APUA and UNECA.