Liu Zhenya Holds Talks with Yan Zhiyong Chairman of POWERCHINA

On April 26, Mr. Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) and Chairman of the China Electricity Council held talks with Mr. Yan Zhiyong, Chairman of Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA). The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and reached important consensus.

Liu Zhenya stated that building the Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping in view of the future and destiny of all humanity, providing a Chinese solution for acute problems such as resource shortages, environmental pollution, climate change, and lack of access to electricity. It has been highly recognized and received positive response from the international community. Over the past two years since its founding, GEIDCO has made a lot groundbreaking efforts in concept promotion, international cooperation, major research, project advancement, and organization construction, and thus has pushed the development of GEI into a new phase. In recent years, POWERCHINA has focused on the strategic objective of building a world-class comprehensive construction investment group, accelerating its overseas business and outreach with remarkable results in “going out” while significantly increasing its overall strength and international influence. Mr. Liu congratulated POWERCHINA on its achievement, and hoped that the two sides would strengthen exchanges and cooperation, to better support and promote the implementation of the GEI Initiative.

Yan Zhiyong indicated that GEI is a initiative based on the successful implementation of UHV power grids, aimed at promoting the optimal allocation of clean energy resources, energy transformation and sustainable development across the world. GEI is a great cause that promises to meet the global energy demand and create a better future for mankind. As a member of GEIDCO, POWERCHINA highly agrees with the GEI concept and will fully support GEIDCO’s work through practical cooperation in areas such as overseas branches, information sharing, and project implementation to jointly promote this China’s initiative into a world action.

Other participants attending the meeting included Wu Xuan, Secretary General of GEIDCO, Li Yanming, deputy general manager of POWERCHINA, and heads of relevant departments of both parties.