1st Energy Aid Program Sponsored by GEIDCO Began Construction

The first energy aid program sponsored by GEIDCO---the Abay Silto School Power Supply Project was recently put into construction. The Project will provide reliable power supply for 200 teachers and students in Abay Silto School, Oromia, Ethiopia, significantly improving the school’s infrastructure.


The project is sponsored by GEIDCO and constructed by CET in cooperation with Oromia Water, Mineral and Energy Bureau and EEU.

Abay Silto School is situated in a poor village in Glan Town 45km in the Southeast of the capital city of Addis Ababa. Being surrounded by mountains, the village has no access to electricity. Therefore, villagers rely on burning straw and charcoal for cooking and lighting. With no power supply lines, the school could only use diesel power generator to supply power for 2 hours a day for the classrooms. As a result, the cost of diesel and regular maintenance took up a large share of the tight budget of the school.

After on-site survey and research, GEIDCO decided to build a 15KV line from the nearest Bole-Lemi Substation to supply power to the school. With an investment of 200,000 USD, the project has a line length of 7.5km and 120 power poles. It is expected that the construction will be completed in the end of March, 2018. Once being put into operation, the school will have access to urban power, thus reducing the cost of power by nearly 80%. What’s more, with abundant supply of power, advanced teaching tools such as computers will also be introduced. The project also provides valuable experience and basis for neighboring poor villages to have access to power.

It is learned that once the construction is finished, GEIDCO will donate the project to the Ethiopian government. EEU will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of the project to maintain the safe and stable operation of the lines.

In 2018, China will hold the China-Africa Forum to realize the win-win cooperation and shared development of China and Africa on a higher level and in more areas. GEIDCO will promote the better and faster development of GEI in Africa through organizing energy aid programs, capacity building cooperation programs and joint research.