Huawei Technology Co., Ltd:Show the world’s first intelligent grid application based on 5G network slicing

On Sep.28, 2017, Huawei showed the application of the world's first 5G network slicing in the intelligent distribution network. The operator of the network resources with isolated logic network section, according to the need to provide for the use of Grid Corporation, is capable of intelligent grid electricity information acquisition, distributed power supply, electric vehicle charging pile control, accurate load control key business to meet the global grid interconnection needs.

Guangdong Electric Group Co., Ltd:The first offshore wind project was approved

On Oct.9, 2017, Guangdong electric Yangjiang sand steaks offshore wind power project was approved, which is the first offshore wind power project approved by Guangdong Electric Group. he project is located in the waters of Shacan Town, Yangxi County, Yangjiang City, with the land control center. The total installed capacity is 300 MW, with the primary single-machine capacity of 5 MW and above wind power units, total investment being about RMB 6 billion.