Further Progress Achieved by Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya in Financing of Grid Interconnection Project

Recently, press from Kenya remarked that the power grid interconnection project of Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya with the total length of over 2,300 km entered a new phase. In Kenya, the financing work has wrapped up and the construction  kicksoff.

In Zambia, the financing gap of this project is $160 million. The World Bank and the European Investment Bank are conducting survey for improvement and are likely to deliver loans to this country. While Tanzania is negotiating with the World Bank and the French Development Bank concerning a lending worth of $425 million. In 2014, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya signed a MOU and planned to raise $1.2 billion to establish the high-voltage power transmission line linking three countries, so as to promote the safety and stability of regional power supply. The voltage of the power transmission in Zambia is 330 kV, 400 kV and 400 thousand kW of transmission capacity in Tanzania and Kenya. (Source: African Energy Weekly)