ROK and France to Strengthen Cooperation Regarding Energy, Dismantling of Nuclear Power Plant and New Industry

Minister of Commerce of Republic of Korea (ROK) Bai Yunkui met with the Minister of Energy, Environment, Economy and Finance on 29th, November. Two sides reached consensus in terms of the cooperation in energy, dismantling of nuclear power plant and new industry. Both ROK and France decided to establish the “commission of energy and resource cooperation”, and planned to hold the first meeting next year to discuss how to engage in collaboration with each other regarding to renewable energy, smart grid, energy efficiency, dismantling of nuclear power plant, etc. Besides, KHNP (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power) and EDF (Electricite de France) signed a MOU, regarding strengthening cooperation in dismantling nuclear power plant in terms of information communication and technology cooperation. Two sides held the “The Fourth ROK-France Forum on New Industrial Technology Cooperation”, and launched the technological and R&D cooperation, (Source: website of China’s MOFCOM, Ministry of Commerce)