Indonesia Set to Build the Largest Floating Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

Masdar Energy Company in Abu Dhabi signed an agreement with PLN in Indonesia recently, aiming to develop the largest floating solar photovoltaic power plant in the world. The plant is located in Jawa Barat in Indonesia, with an installed capacity of 200 thousand kW, occupying 2.25 million square meters of the water area near Kilata reservoir. It is expected to invest $300 million in this project and finish the construction in early 2020. Executive director of Masdar company Saeed Al Lamki said the negotiated price of electricity could be lower than 10 cents (or about 0.66 yuan)/ kWh. The water area beside Kilata reservoir is 60 million square meters where a hydropower station with an installed capacity of 1 million kW has been built. Since 2006, the total size of the renewable energy project investment amounted to $8,500 million, among which Masdar invested $2,700 million. (Source: WAM)