GEIDCO Signed Cooperation Agreement for China-South Korea Grid Interconnection Project with SGCC and KEPCO

GEIDCO signed a cooperation agreement for China-South Korea Grid Interconnection project with State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC)and KEPCO on China-Korea Business Forum held during President Moon Jae-in’s visit in China on 13th Dec, 2017. According to the agreement, the three parties will jointly promote the implementation of China-South Korea Grid Interconnection under the framework of Mongolia-China-South Korea-Japan energy interconnection projects.

In march, 2016, SGCC, KEPCO, SoftBank and Rossetti signed an MOU to promote energy interconnection spanning Northeast Asia. The feasibility study of the project launched in March, 2017 shows that China-South Korea-Japan energy interconnection projects are technically and economically feasible.

According to the agreement, GEIDCO, SGCC and KEPCO will establish a leading committee and a joint work team for decision-making, researching, work planning, and project coordination.

China-South Korea Energy Interconnection projects arekey in implementing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, strengthening energy, power and infrastructure cooperation between China and South Korea, and promoting Northeast Asian Power Grid Interconnection and Global Energy Interconnection. They will play a crucial role in realizing the efficient development and use of clean energy in Northeast Asia and promoting regional mutual-beneficial and win-win cooperation.