GEIDCO Chairman Liu Zhenya Talked with SPF President Nobuo Tanaka

Liu Zhenya, Chairman of GEIDCO and CEC, held talks with visiting President of Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) Nobuo Tanaka on December 11, 2017 in Beijing. The two sides reached an important consensus after thorough discusses on Northeast Asia Energy Interconnection and the clean and sustainable development of global energy.

Liu Zhenya believed that Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a major strategic move concerning the future of the mankind, a solution to sustainable development, and an essential player in tackling the global energy, economic, social and environmental challenges. With high productivity, Northeast Asia has a huge energy demand. However, due to its relative shortage of primary energy sources, it heavily relies on imported fossil fuels. Promoting the grid interconnection in Northeast Asia is in line with the common interest of the countries in the region. A strategic vision and an open mind are needed to speed up the transformation of the traditional energy security perspective, to make concerted efforts in politics, economy and technologies, and to facilitate an early materialization of the interconnection projects.

Mr. Nobuo Tanaka agreed that GEI is a grand vision to promote the sustainable development of energy and that it has obtained feasible technical routes and pragmatic interconnection plans. As the second largest energy consumer, China possesses great impact, playing an important role in the production, transmission and utilization of future global energy, especially renewable energy. Energy connectivity is a critical part in the energy transition and the reform of the electric power market in Japan. The Japanese government and businesses need a broader vision to make major strategic decisions, enhance the utilization efficiency and allocation of the renewables, and fully exert the benefits of interconnected grids.