South America Conference on Belt and Road Development and Global Energy Interconnection Construction Held in Brazil

On June 29, local time, the South America Conference on Belt and Road Development and Global Energy Interconnection Construction was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference is committed to promoting South America’s energy interconnection construction, and building a new cooperation platform for grid interconnection and energy integration of South America.

The conference was organized by the Global Energy Interconnection Development & Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), hoping to implement Belt and Road initiative, reach agreement on South America’s energy integration strategy, and advance energy integration and grid interconnection in South America. The conference mainly touched on the policy, planning and technology of clean energy development and grid interconnection in South America. Nearly 100 guests from governmental departments, enterprises, research institutes and international organizations of China, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay were present.


Mr. Li Jinzhang, Chinese Ambassador to Brazil, said in his speech that Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a “Chinese approach” proposed under the framework of Belt and Road initiative, and can help address global climate change, and maintain green and low-carbon development. Smart grid lies at the core for energy interconnection, in which UHV transmission technology is the key element, and the development of clean energy is the fundamental purpose. China has the capacity to promote the application of its power technology and equipment in Latin America. Latin America has a wealth of hydraulic energy, and high-quality wind and solar energy, which are suitable for large-scale development and utilization. In this process, GEIDCO will work as a platform for sharing experience, absorbing ideas and pooling efforts, which in return will consolidate the dialogue and cooperation mechanism between Latin American and sub-regional organizations with GEIDCO. Hence, the energy development strategy and planning of Latin America will be better coordinated. In addition, Sino-Latin American production capacity cooperation will enhance Latin America’s grid interconnection level, and help Latin America to implement green and low-carbon development.

Cheng Zhiqiang, Deputy Secretary-General of GEIDCO, addressed the conference on behalf of Liu Zhenya. He indicated that, accelerating the energy and power development of South America under the framework of the Belt and Road initiative is of great significance, especially for closer cooperation between GEIDCO and South American countries, and a higher grid interconnection level of South America. He hoped that the parties concerned can pragmatically expand cooperation from three aspects: first, to spread the concept of GEI, and serve the South America community of common destiny; second, to promote Energy-Information-Transportation Integration (or the “Bits, Watts and Meters” Integration), upgrade gird interconnection of South America, and achieve optimal and rational allocation of hydraulic, wind and solar energy; third, to play platform function of GEIDCO, and promote the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative and the GEI initiative. He also proposed to build a GEI demonstration base in South America, which was accepted and supported by the participants.

Juan José Carrasco, Executive Director of the Regional Energy Integration Commission, said South America has huge growth potential in grid interconnection, which will rise strongly by ten fold in the future, and this region is rich in clean energy resources such as hydraulic, wind and solar energy. It’s required to carry out planning and policy development, as well as mechanism coordination for transnational and transregional grid interconnection. He also encouraged governments, enterprises and organizations of other countries to follow closely with the gird interconnection in South America.

Armando, Vice President of Brazilian Electric Power Company, said gird interconnection is a common cause of the global community, and the company is willing to share its successful experience in this filed to promote the construction and development of gird interconnection in South America. He also hoped that GEIDCO can play an important role in the construction of grid interconnection in South America.

Alfonso Blanco Bonilla, Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization, recorded a video to extend congratulations on the opening of the conference. He hoped that South American countries and the relevant institutions can take this opportunity to strengthen cooperation with GEIDCO. The parties concerned can therefore give full play to their advantages, and jointly promote the clean energy development and grid interconnection of South America.

Representatives from Chile SK, Brazilian Institute of Energy Planning and BTG Pactual also attended and addressed the conference. Participants agreed that GEI will open the door for the clean energy development and grid interconnection of South America. It’s hoped that GEIDCO can play its platform advantage, to promote pragmatic cooperation among South American countries in policy coordination, planning research, technological innovation, project implementation and other aspects, and press ahead with the low-carbon energy development of this region.