Wang Yimin Met with Urban Rusnák and His Team


On June 27, Wang Yimin, Secretary General of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) met with Urban RusnákRusnák, Secretary General of the International Energy Charter, and his team in Beijing. The two sides had comprehensive exchanges on the development of global energy interconnection.


Wang introduced the concept of global energy interconnection and the relevant work of the GEIDCO, while Rusnák expressed complete approval to it. He believed there are shared missions and goals of the two organizations in the energy sector. With different emphases on and advantages in politics, economy and technology, the two parties should step up exchanges and communications, deepen cooperation in concept spreading and research collaboration, so as to promote the development of global energy interconnection.

Both sides exchanged views on investment, trade, cross boarder transport, conflicts and energy efficiency in global interconnections.

As an international organization, the International Energy Charter is dedicated to promoting multi-leveled dialogues between energy producers and consumers, nations and enterprises, and enhancing multilateral energy cooperation. Based on the Energy Charter Treaty, the organization guides its member states and observing states to properly manage energy issues. The members of the International Energy Charter are state governments and international organizations. China signed the Declaration on International Energy Charter in 2015, making it an observer who signed the Treaty in the organization.