China Huaneng Group and Andritz sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On May 11th, China Huaneng Group and Austria-based Andritz signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement at Huaneng headquarters.

Chairman CAO Peixi and Vice President Wang Wenzong of China Huaneng Group, President and CEO Wolfgang Leitner and Executive Vice President Wolfgang Semper of Andritz attended the signing ceremony. Wang Wenzong and Wolfgang Semper signed the agreement.

Under the Agreement, the two companies will give full play to their respective advantages, and strengthen cooperation in various areas such as hydropower technology R&D, building research laboratories, equipment procurement etc., so as to elevate China's hydropower industry to a new level and make due contributions for China's clean energy development.

Before the signing ceremony, the two sides held a meeting on further deepening cooperation and achieving mutual benefits. Cao Peixi said, as a world famous hydropower equipment manufacturer, Andritz has maintained close cooperation with Huaneng for a long time and both parties have established a deep friendship. Andritz has provided safe and reliable equipments with leading technical indicators for our cooperation projects, and has therefore provided strong support for the development of Huaneng’s hydropower sector. Currently, as the Belt and Road Initiative will open up more significant opportunities, both companies shall give full play to our respective strength and deepen mutual cooperation in clean energy development including hydropower, enhance communication and exchange at all levels, and expand the depth and scope of our cooperation, so as to contribute to the economic and social development of the two countries and to the benefits of the two peoples. Wolfgang Leitner said, Andritz is honored and proud to be a partner of China Huaneng Group in hydropower development, and is looking forward to working more closely with Huaneng under the Belt and Road Initiative for complementary advantages and win-win results. Andritz will earnestly execute the agreement, and strive to yield tangible results as soon as possible, so as to assist Huaneng in its endeavor to speed up transformation and upgrading and to achieve sustainable development.

Headquartered in Graz, Austria, Andritz is the world's largest supplier of hydroelectric equipment, owns more than 170 years of experience in hydraulic turbine design and manufacturing, and maintains a world-leading position in the design and manufacturing of Pelton turbine. Up to now, Andritz has installed more than 30,000 hydraulic turbine units worldwide. The Pelton turbine of Bieudron Hydropower Station in Switzerland, designed and manufactured by Andritz, currently has the highest water head (1883m) and the largest output (423MW) of its kind in the world.