Siemens innovates for a digital China

Siemens China will lead the company's global research in autonomous robotics. As part of Siemens' innovation strategy to master technology fields that are critical for future success. The company announced the move on Siemens Innovation Day China 2017, which was held in Suzhou. A global research community comprising experienced experts from around the world will focus on the research and development of new mechatronics systems, human-robot collaboration and the application of artificial intelligence in robotic controllers. . In line with this strategic move, Siemens has also entered into a partnership with Tsinghua University, one of Siemens' Center of Knowledge Interchange universities, to jointly set up a robotics research center in Beijing.

In addition to autonomous robotics, the company's core R&D areas in China include data analytics, cyber security, industrial IoT and digital twin, and connected city solutions. To tap the great potential of these technologies, Siemens has been partnering with Chinese governments, universities and customers to address challenges such as traffic congestion, energy saving, public convenience and the environment and to build "digital cities" across the country.

Siemens and the Hong Kong Science Park also entered into an agreement to create Hong Kong's first smart city digital hub. This hub will be powered by MindSphere, the cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, to tackle the city's challenges through an open, interactive and holistic approach.