ABB Customer World China 2017: Digital transformation through ABB Ability

ABB launches industry-leading digital solutions to address industry upgrade demands for Chinese companies

Hangzhou, June 28, 2017

ABB officially launched its industry-leading digital solutions offering, ABB Ability™, in China today at the company’s most important annual event in the country, ABB Customer World 2017 (ACW 2017). Under the theme “digital transformation through ABB Ability”, ABB is showcasing its latest technologies across a 5,500 square meter exhibition space at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The two-day event features industry forums and seminars on opportunities and challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative and industrial innovation in the digital era, as well as many other topics related to “Made in China 2025”.

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, China is a key market for ABB and its digital solutions. After more than two decades of rapid growth and expansion, ABB now has an installed base of 5 million connected devices and 8,000 control systems in China, providing a solid foundation for customers moving up the industrial value chain.