Notice on My Global Energy Interconnection Story Contest

Global Energy Interconnection (“GEI”)is a key carrier for adapting and promoting world energy transformation and a necessary path for revolutionary change in power system and clean energy development. The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (“GEIDCO”) has launched a contest themed asMy Global Energy Interconnection Story, to conduct more research into GEI, improve public’s intuitive feelings to and interactive experiences


In 21th century, large-scale exploitation and consumption of fossil fuel have caused serious problems, such as resource shortage, environmental pollution and climate change, all of which pose grave threats to world peace and human survival. From a perspective of building Community of a Shared Future for Mankind, establishing GEI is closely related to energy development and much concerned about strategic situation of world peace and development, as well as human sustainable development. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres suggests that promoting Global Energy Interconnection could be included in the action plan of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to guide member states’ joint participation in it.

In the future, based on interconnected large grids, GEI will be a significant platform for world energy allocation, which shall cause a dramatic change in production, consumption, trade and energy usage and it shall hence walk into people’s life and production. Aiming to exploit collective intelligence, explore strategic research approaches and share positive ideas.This contest collects good stories about GEIin plain language and in a popular way, which shall perfect theories and furthermore drive its development.

II. Content


My Global Energy Interconnection Story

(II)Entry Categories and Words (Length)

1.Literary Works

(1)Academic paper and popular science article (less than 10,000 words)

(2)Review, reportage and newsletter (less than 3,000 words)

(3)Fiction, prose, poem (less than 10,000 words)


(1) Feature film and documentary (less than 60 minutes)

(2) Micro-film and animation (less than 30 minutes)


Chinese or English

(IV) Requirements

1. All entries are required, based on GEIconnotations and theories, to focus on its construction, operation, comprehensive values, and changes it will incur in people’s lives. The entries shall describe concept development and phased achievements, provide research approach and solution, and look into the future development and means for accomplishing the goal.

2. All entries are also required to highlight the significance of GEI for establishing the Community of a Shared Future for Mankind and promoting sustainable development by combining key technologies and practices in smart grid, UHV grid, clean energy, etc.

3. An introduction about 500 words to each entry is required.

III. Arrangements

(I)Promotion and Schedule

1. Submission Stage: September 6 toDecember 15, 2017;

2. EvaluationStage: January, 2018;

3. Awarding Stage: excellent workswill be awarded.


All works should be sent to as attachments.

Each entry should be sent with an Application Form. The file of each entry should be named as “title-category-author-institution”, for example, “Telling Stories about Global Energy Interconnection-review article-Zhang San-State Grid of China”.


Members of GEIDCO, government organs in energy and power fields, enterprises, social organizations, institutions of higher education, scientific research institutions and the public are encouraged to participate.

(IV) Releasing Channels

Releasing channels include GEIDCO’s media, including Member Journal of GEIDCO,Technical Journal, Websites,  etc..

IV. Evaluation Committee

A review group, formed by invited experts, will review and grade all entries.


(I) Excellent Creation Award

Excellent Creation Awards will be awarded to less than 50 entries, among which the first, second and third prize will be selected by a ratio of 1:3:6, and shall be given incentives accordingly.

(II) Excellent Organization Award

Excellent Organization Awards will be presented to institutions that show excellent organizational skills and whose works are well-crafted, winning attention from the leadership. Winners should be less than 20% of all institutions participating in the competition.

Attachment:Application Form for My Global Energy Interconnection Story Contest.doc


September 6, 2017