Liu Zhenya Met Minister of Natural Resources Canada James Gordon Carr

GEIDCO and CEC Chairman Liu Zhenya talked with James Gordon Carr, Minister of Natural Resources Canada on 28th October 2016 on how to press on Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) and the development and use of the renewables in Canada with consensus being made on many fronts.                                                                                     


After giving an introduction to GEI and GEIDCO, Liu analyzed the importance and feasibility of GEI in terms of economy, technology and politics. He pointed out that GEI and “two replace” (replacing fossil fuels by clean alternatives in energy production and replacing coal, oil and gas by clean electricity from afar in energy consumption) represents the inevitable way out for tackling the three major challenges of resource constraint, environmental pollution and climate change. With a large reserve of renewable energy resources, Canada can expand the development, transmission and use of renewable energies such as hydropower in both capacity and scope and reduce emissions to meet its goal by accelerating national, inter-provincial and US-Canada trans-national grid interconnections with outstanding comprehensive benefits. 

James Gordon Carr echoed that it has been commonly recognized in the international community that resource constraint, environmental pollution and climate change represent the shared challenges of the human society. Against such background, GEI is an encouraging plan that will exert positive influence on the future global energy landscape and serve as an important path to meet emission reduction targets and solve the challenges we face. With abundant renewable energy resources, such as hydropower, waiting to be developed, Carr said Canada hoped to boost cooperation with China to jointly promote grid interconnectivity, accelerate the optimization and upgrade of energy mix and realize sustainable development.