Chairman Liu Zhenya attends the high-level signing ceremony of the United Nations“ Paris Climate Agreement and makes a speech

On April 22, the high-level signing ceremony of the United Nations’ Paris Climate Agreement was held in New York, the USA. Heads of more than 60 states and governments attended the signing ceremony. Total 175 countries signed the agreement on the global climate change passed in Paris in December last year. Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Global Energy Interconnection Development And Cooperation Organization attended the high-level luncheon of the signing ceremony and made a speech with the title of Building Global Energy Interconnection and Promoting the Development of Green and Low Carbon Jointly. The luncheon was hosted by Lise Kingo, the executive director of the United Nations Global Compact. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, made a speech of welcome. French president Francois Hollande made an opening speech. Heads of states and governments and representatives of international organizations and business circles etc. attended the activity.    


Liu Zhenya said in the speech that it is the mission for all human beings to protect the earth home. A lot of development and usage of fossil energy is the main reason of climate change.To achieve the global temperature rise control target determined on the Paris Climate Conference, we must get rid of the dependence on fossil energy, replace coal and petroleum with electricity, which comes from far away and is clean. The essence of   Global Energy Interconnection is "smart grid + ultra-high voltage grid + clean energy". It is a sustainable, green and low-carbon, cost effective, open and shared global energy system. Smart grid is the foundation, ultra-high voltage grid is the key, and clean energy is the root. With Global Energy Interconnection, we may use the time zone difference, seasonal difference, electricity price difference all over the world to achieve the globalization of energy production, distribution and trade, guarantee safe and clean supply of the energy, solve the power shortage problem, wipe out poverty, increase South-South cooperation, North-South cooperation and promote the construction of community with a common future of human beings.    

Liu Zhenya said that the ultra-high voltage transmission technology developed independently by State Grid Corporation of China is featured with long distance transmission, high capacity and low consumption and can optimize the distribution of clean energy on a global scale. The global information internet is built based on the broadband technology. The Global Energy Interconnection can certainly be built based on the ultra-high voltage technology. They are similar to people's "nervous system" and "vascular system". The "nervous system" has been interconnected; the "vascular system" will definitely be interconnected. As a partner of the United Nations "Caring for Climate", the State Grid Corporation of China launched and established the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization, hosted the 2016 International Conference on Global Energy Interconnection and promoted the Global Energy Interconnection to enter the strategy implementation phase.    

Liu Zhenya sincerely hopes that countries in the world can take actions to hold joint discussions, promote joint development and achieve sharing and win-win, and achieve "Everybody Enjoying Sustainable Energy" with the Global Energy Interconnection to make the world peaceful and harmonious "global village" with sufficient energy and little environment pollution and create a bright future for human beings.