Report on Wind Power Resource Development Research in the Arctic Region and Research Report on Global Energy Interconnection were published

On March 31, 2016, the 2016 International Conference on Global Energy Interconnection published the Report on Wind Power Resource Development Research in the Arctic Region and the Research Report on Global Energy Interconnection. Liang Xuming, Director General of General Office of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and Kozhukhovskiy Igor Stepanovich, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy (Russia) jointly demonstrated results of wind power resource development research in the Arctic Region, while Zhang Yunzhou, Dean of State Grid Energy Research Institute demonstrated results of Global Energy Interconnection research.    


The Report on Wind Power Resource Development Research in the Arctic Region describes the basic information of the Arctic, assessment of wind power resource, conditions for implementation of wind power resource development, and the idea of wind power outward transmission, demonstrating the Sino-Russian cooperative research results in the prospect of the joint development of Russian wind power resources within the Arctic Cycle and the far east regions. The report states that the strategic conception of GEI provides a solution for sustainable energy development in the living environment of human beings. Based on this conception of development, the wind power resources in the Arctic region can be developed and transmitted outward gradually in three stages by relying on the strong smart grid and UHV grid as a backbone, which has an important strategic significance in optimizing the global energy structure. It is learnt that the SGCC has instructed 15 research institutes, 5 colleges and universities, and a research team consisting of more than 120 members to carry out an in-depth study for two years; the SGCC has authorized the Ministry of Energy (Russia) to launch a study covering the analysis of determining the wind resource in the Arctic and the Far East Region, regional alternatives for 1 GW-level wind power station, fan equipment selection, and construction & operating conditions for wind power station, economic indicator assessment and other content.    

The Report on Global Energy Interconnection Development consists of nine parts including Idea and Theories, Strategic Planning, Smart Grid, UHV, Clean Energy, Technological Innovation, Openness and Cooperation, Development Index, and Prospect. The report systematically introduces the basic concept, development basis and the latest status of GEI, and logically analyzes the development status, demand and trend of technical equipment, discusses the field and mechanisms for openness and cooperation, proposes the GEI development index, and analyzes as well as evaluates the advance level of GEI in the world and some key regions. Finally, the report summarizes the development status of GEI and analyzes the relevant major issues to further build consensus. This report can be used as a reference in the research, planning, construction and cooperation of GEI.